Does this sound like you?
You've been turned down at every dealer you've visited?
Are you tired of being embarrassed by filling out credit app, after credit app, just to hear
"sorry I can't help you"?

If you can provide proof of income, pay stubs or bank statement (if self employed) , canceled checks, SSI / SSD award letter or a letter from your boss.

Have proof where you live, like a phone, cell phone, gas, water, cable, or electric bill, even a bank statement.

Know the name, complete address and phone numbers of at least 7 people, they can be family or friends.

Have the wherewithal to put some money down, for your vehicle purchase, in addition, a check for the tax's, Then we *guarantee, to get you a loan and send you home in a car of your choice.
Call Mary Jane or Mike and see how easy it really is to drive today.

Have you ever seen other Dealer ads in which they promise that "99% are approved?"
I'm sure you have.

Let me tell you we are the guys who get that 1% approved who everyone else turns down so if you need a car you needn't go far
Freedom Motor Cars
where you're free to drive the vehicle of your choice today.
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         @ 215-333-8800
To get a head start you can fill out a credit application on line
@ Freedom Motor Cars
get your loan right now
fill out the application
and click on the submit button
when you finish filling out the applacation you will see this line at the bottom of the page
Please provide missing applicant information and checkmark the Privacy Statement box below.
make sure you click your mouse on the surface of the page and then click on the submit button

*No bull! If we can't approve you, we'll hand you a check for
$5,000.00 dollars.

We can't print it if it's not true.
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* Minimum interest rate is 3.49% for well qualified buyers. It may be necessary to join a credit union to procure this rate, interest rates are subject to change call for our best current rate.
*Maximum interest rate is 21% for PA residents you don't need a credit bureau score to get this loan. Finance rate is based on your credit qualifications. First time buyers are generally limited to borrowing $8500.00 dollars
*Average monthly payment is normally around $350.00 FOR SUB-PRIME FINANCING but exceptions could apply to you, minimun monthly gross income to qualify for financing is $1,500.00 with no more than a DTI of 50%
*These loans are from a finance company it reports to the credit bureau so unlike buy here pay here it builds your credit. To view some of the financing sources we have click here
*$1,750.00 Minimum monthly income to qualify for an installment loan at $350.00 per month. At a $350.00 month payment for 48 months you can borrow $11,307.63 dollars with a 21% interest rate.
*Prior repo /s, is / are ok. Currently in a bankruptcy? Chapter 7 instant approval is available, in a chapter 13 Trustee approval is required before delivery.
*Down payment is required, taxes, tags, Bank or Finance Fee, Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) and extended Warranty are in addition to cash price, and any credit history will qualify for a sub-prime credit loan including no credit score see your sales person for complete details. Other restrictions may apply to you.
*$500 dollars down ad apply to qualified buyers only, your salary, job time, residents time and other factors could impact the amount of money you would need down for these vehicles.
*Sub-Prime Leasing available for newer low mileage vehicles $1000 down minimum to qualify for this loan.   
*Price listed is a promotional cash price only! Expect to pay regular list price if you plan to finance and your credit is less than a 700 credit score.
* Bad Credit Car Loans, First time Buyer, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Self Employed, Repos are all no problem at
Freedom Motor Cars

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